Network Security

The Gatekeeper Protecting Your Company’s IP

Which is a greater threat to your business: hackers trying to break in, or an employee stealing data from within your network?  

Believe it or not, it’s the employee.  According to Experian's 2015 Data Breach Industry Forecast, almost half of all organizations suffered at least 1 security incident in the last 12 months.

Employees caused almost 60% of those security incidents.  To combat both internal and external security risks, PlanetMagpie Network Security Consulting focuses on a balance between internet security practices, external security protection, and universal ease of use.

2015 Second Annual Data Breach Industry Forecast—Experian


Network Security Reviews

When we help a new customer with their cybersecurity, we start with a Network Security Review.

Network Security Reviews provide a detailed picture of where in your network hackers could break in, and where employees could sneak data out.  We test all of the “weak spots” we’ve come across in 20+ years of cybersecurity work—common security gaps, avenues for internal data theft, email dangers, malware breakpoints, accidental data loss prevention, etc.

Once we have the picture, we build a plan to lock down your network, without impacting employee productivity in the process.

PlanetMagpie has conducted network security reviews like these for Malwarebytes, Tessera,, Unitek, SCREEN-SPE, Davis Instruments, Linear Technology and many others.

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Network Security Equipment

Setting up a secure network requires several types of equipment—firewalls, routers, switches, VPN devices, and so on.  Bought & configured separately, these can take up a lot of rack space, time and expense.  In the past, network engineers built secure networks for customers in this fashion.  Thanks to Juniper Networks’ innovation, what we recommend and install most often now are Juniper Service Gateways.  These are all-in-one devices, built to keep networks simple and safe.

PlanetMagpie uses and recommends the Juniper SRX series of service gateways.  Juniper has supplied high-performance networking products since 2001.  The SRX series' ease of configuration, reliability, and price point make it one of the top networking solutions available.

Juniper's Service Gateways combine routing, firewalls, site-to-site VPNs and switching into one device.  Our Network Security Engineers install & configure these service gateways, achieving that delicate balance between security and accessibility.

PlanetMagpie is a longtime Juniper partner with many years of experience working with their hardware (and many happy clients who are currently protected by it).

Already have security equipment in place?  Is it up-to-date?  Are you monitoring your network?  If not, you could have a security leak and not even know it.  PlanetMagpie can setup real-time monitoring for your network hardware and update each device's firmware as needed.  We also deploy Juniper standalone routers and Extreme switches, when your network needs the additional capability.

With proper configuration, your network equipment will:

  • Keep hackers out and malware from getting in
  • Stop malware brought in via BYOD from sending data out
  • Provide remote access to employees without multiple logins
  • Grant servers the access they need to function
  • Route traffic based on accessibility rules you set
  • Plug security holes that may arise between all of these elements!

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Wireless Network Security

Every wireless access point improves office Internet speeds, and thus productivity.  Every access point is also a potential backdoor for cyberattacks.  Or a way for employees to leak (or sneak) data out.

PlanetMagpie IT consultants set your Wi-Fi to the highest possible security standard by default.  When we’re done configuring, your Wi-Fi is as secure—if not more so—than the internal Ethernet connections.

You can secure your wireless networks in several ways.  These are the most common:

  1. Use Microsoft Active Directory, limiting users' wireless access at the account level (safer), or
  2. Use an SSID and password (common, but less safe)

We only recommend wireless access point hardware that can integrate with Microsoft’s Active Directory, and give you the stronger protection option.

Which is why we use and recommend the Zebra line of access points.  These access points are enterprise-grade wireless.  Formerly made by Motorola before Zebra purchased them, they have the best signal across office buildings we’ve come across.

Zebra access points allow more sessions per device, which means you need fewer access points in your network.  Fewer to secure, while everyone can still get on the Wi-Fi (safely).

Characteristics you'll find in every access point PlanetMagpie uses:

  • High-capacity antennas for a high-density environment, like business campuses
  • Enterprise-grade construction for supporting multiple high-bandwidth connections
  • 802.11ac speeds
  • Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
  • Guest Network/VLAN function (offering a “guest network” to visitors or patrons is convenient, and protects you from cyberattacks sneaking into your internal network)

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Application Delivery & Security

In today’s world, securing applications is every bit as important as delivering them.  Malware, ransomware, legions of hackers...the Web is a battleground.  Any software application that connects to it needs protection, or it could become a gateway to your data.

To secure your applications in-transit and during operation, PlanetMagpie has partnered with F5, a leading company in application delivery services.  Using F5’s products and services, PlanetMagpie helps our clients optimize delivery of their secured network-based applications.

Contact PlanetMagpie today to speak with a Network Security Engineer about the F5 suite of products and services!

F5 products provide:

  • High Availability—applications are delivered to any device, anytime, anywhere
  • Performance Optimization—applications load quickly and perform flawlessly
  • Application Security—work securely from anywhere
  • Data Center Security—protects Internet-facing data center applications wherever they reside
  • Identity and Access Management—enables single-sign on and federation of application access across the data center and into the cloud