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August 03, 2020

PlanetMagpie Publishes Call for Returning Technology Manufacturing to America in Wake of Pandemic

During the lockdown, we (as in the whole PlanetMagpie Pack) spent a lot of time helping customers set up remote work connections & security. There's nothing so pressing as helping a business continue to run…especially under an emergency like this.

At the same time, we experienced a severe supply shortage. Not of toilet paper—but of computer components! It became nearly impossible to get network gear, servers, laptops, tablets, power supplies, and monitors for weeks and months.

To solve the problem, we loaned out components from our own hardware inventory. Covering delays so customers could get by.

These two factors drove home one critical need America has. One going unmet right now. The need for tech hardware manufactured within our nation.

PlanetMagpie has advocated for this issue for years. Now, as the nation's economies begin to reopen, we believe it's time to champion more efforts toward this goal.

The Best Way to Help: Arm the National Discussion with Evidence

We decided that the best way was to provide proof. To collect the evidence that reshoring manufacturing does & will produce significant economic improvements.

Then, we should get the proof into the hands of everyone who could use it. Government officials, influencers, tech pros, and our fellow citizens. People who respect the American people & want a strong, stable economy.

This is the result.

A fully-researched report breaking down the why & how to bring technology manufacturing back to the U.S. Complete with more than 35 professional citations to back up every point.

We've sent copies to a growing list of public officials, media personalities, and technology experts. It's freely available to anyone. Please download a PDF copy at this link:

Share it with your friends. We'd love to see this go viral.

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