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October 11, 2018

PlanetMagpie Conducts its First "Cyber Fu" Training in Dallas

Cyber Fu training comes to Dallas! PlanetMagpie has begun offering cybersecurity training to Dallas area businesses.

Less than one month after opening our Texas office, we held a Cybersecurity Training session for local businesses. The Cyber Fu phenomenon reaches Texas!

The North Dallas Chamber of Commerce granted us the space to run the training. Good thing too; over 30 people came out to learn how to protect their companies from cyber threats.

Feedback came in very positive too. We hand out feedback forms after every training, in case anyone has a question still unanswered or wants to suggest a topic for inclusion in the next Cyber Fu training.

(Best practice:  Run a cybersecurity training for employees once every year.  The cyber-landscape changes all the time; keep the skills sharp!)

Cyber Fu Cybersecurity Training in North Dallas
Robert Douglas presenting to local businesses at the North Dallas Chamber.

We're heartened to see such a big response, so soon after joining the Dallas business community. Robert has already talked with a number of attendees about running the training for their companies.

Want to run the idea up the flagpole at your office?  Download this Cyber Fu datasheet and run it by your IT Manager!  Happy computing!