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April 04, 2016

Modus Wins the VBSpam Award for Antispam Strength

Vircom's modus antispam software continues to win awards. It won the Virus Bulletin's VBSpam award twice in the past quarter alone!

PlanetMagpie has used Vircom’s modus spam filtration for many years now. It protects us and our cloud customers from spam, phishing emails and malware. One of the best anti-spam solutions in the world today.

But don’t take our word for it. The Virus Bulletin agrees.

Vircom’s modus Wins the VBSpam Award from Virus Bulletin – (12-3-15)

The Virus Bulletin is an independent security organization devoted to sharing intelligence about viruses, malware, and other cybersecurity threats. It finds out about the threats, and then alerts businesses & software providers.

They run certification programs as well, testing security software to determine which is the best at blocking those security risks is. Test winners are awarded one of three certifications:

  1. VB100 (for endpoint security against viruses)
  2. VBSpam (for spam filtering)
  3. VBWeb (for blocking dangerous/malware-infested webpages)

On December 3, 2015, Vircom announced that modus had won the Virus Bulletin’s VBSpam award. They even posted modus’ test results. Quoting the above article:

  • 0 false positive(s) in 9894 emails; FP* rate: 0.00%
  • 417 false negative(s) in 136,475 emails; SC** rate: 99.69%
  • 5 newsletter false positive(s) in 358 emails; FP rate: 1.4%

*FP = False Positives
**SC rate = Spam Catch rate

Final Score: 99.64

This score is so high, it puts modus in the same league as Kaspersky Secure Mail Gateway and IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security.

Then, two months later, modus won the VBSpam award again!

Vircom’s modusGate earns another VBSpam+ Award from Virus Bulletin – (2-23-16)

This time with a final score of 99.93. Even higher than December.

We’re glad to see Vircom’s modus recognized (again) for continuing to protect us from spam & phishing emails. Congratulations!

To read more about modus, visit our IT Support Services page.