Tech Tips

June 11, 2024

Leave Your Workstation POWERED ON When Work's Over

When work's done for the day, putting your computer to sleep works better than turning it off. Better for security and lifespan.

Quick reminder: Leave all computers used for business on. Let them sleep overnight, but stay powered on & online.


It extends the computer hardware’s life. The reboot process is hard on devices; turning them fully off & back on all week causes wear on their hardware components. Sleep mode is much easier on them and uses very little power.

Overnight is a great time for software updates. All devices need up-to-date software to keep them stable & safe from malware. Many MSP-managed workstations run updates overnight. If you power down and miss the software updates, they pile up, creating a security risk and/or performance issues. Then IT has to force the updates during the workday, costing you time & potentially lost data.

Keeps backups current. If you have cloud backups on your workstation, they usually run after hours as well.  If they can’t run due to the device being off, they’ll run first thing in the morning. Then you have to deal with a slow computer for an hour or two.

It’s easiest (and best for the computers!) to lock yours when you’re done for the day, and leave it at that.

Happy computing!