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September 14, 2023

Secure Enclave: The Mac's Secret Weapon for Data Protection

Do Macs have an encryption asset in their hardware? They do! It's called Secure Enclave.

Last month we discussed the TPM, or Trusted Platform Module. In the Tech Tip we mentioned that you find TPMs on Windows devices.

What about Macs? Do Macs have a TPM?

They do not. However, that doesn’t mean you have no way to secure their data.

Newer Macs, iPhones, and iPads have what’s called “Secure Enclave” – a hardware component that stores encryption keys for your biometric data. That's your Face ID, Touch ID, and related identity information.

Secure Enclave protects the memory space where the encryption keys reside. It also blocks the CPU from seeing them until the CPU requests, and proves authentication.

What does this do? It puts an extra layer of security around that critical identity data. A secret weapon within Apple’s hardware, making it harder for cyberattacks to steal identity assets.

You don’t have to enable Secure Enclave. Like TPM, it’s enabled by default.

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