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March 09, 2023

How to Change SPF/DKIM Records When Changing Email Service Providers

Changing email service providers? Make sure you remove the old provider's SPF/DKIM records, and put the new ones in their place.

Let's say you want to move off the ESP you're on now, over to another one. What should you do about the DMARC or SPF/DKIM records you put in?

Each ESP has their own records, whether DMARC or SPF/DKIM. They make a unique connection between the email provider and your company domain.

As such, you can’t reuse the same records when changing from one ESP to another.

If you switch to another ESP, you need to remove the old SPF/DKIM records in the DNS, and replace them with the new ESP’s records.

The good news is, changing the records is just as easy as putting new ones in.

  1. Get the new SPF and DKIM records from the new ESP. You’ll find them in the account settings, or an "Authentication" menu. Check the Help Center for direction.

  2. Have your IT manager access your domain’s DNS. Ask them to remove the old records, and put the new SPF/DKIM records in place.
    • Don’t leave the old ESP’s records in place! They can clog up the domain’s safeguards, causing email conflicts. Delete them.
  3. Verify the new records are in place (), and you’re done!


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