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November 09, 2022

Cost Saving Tip – Hire a Virtual CIO to Guide Your IT

Looking to save on IT-related expenses? Here’s a tip for businesses whose IT drains too much budget.


Hire a Virtual CIO to Guide Your IT's Future (and Budgets)

No business can grow without Information Technology costs. The decisions governing those costs usually land on the desk of a Chief Information Officer, or CIO.

Many companies don’t “need” the full-time services (or the expense) of a CIO. After all, CIO salaries start at around $300K/year.

However, since the wrong IT decision can trip up an entire company and drain thousands in budget, having access to CIO-level insight makes a big difference!

How do you square that circle? Can you take advantage of CIO-level insight without hiring one? Yes…use a Virtual CIO.

A Virtual CIO (also called a "Fractional CIO") is an on-call expert who learns the inner workings of your company and consults on an hourly or project basis.

What can a Virtual CIO handle for you?

  • Company IT & cybersecurity strategy
  • Planned network/branch expansions
  • Overseeing system upgrades/replacements
  • Regulatory compliance, such as SOX or HIPAA
  • IT budgeting and cross-department IT planning
  • C-level advising on IT decisions and operations
  • Business Continuity planning (more important than ever)

With a Virtual CIO bringing decades of experience to bear, you're more likely to make better IT decisions and position your company for success.

We documented The Case for the Virtual CIO in a White Paper here:


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