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October 13, 2022

Cost Saving Tip – Outsourcing IT Support for Better Labor Costs

Looking to save on IT-related expenses? Here’s a tip for businesses looking for critical IT support work, without the high cost of hiring & retaining full-time talent.

Outsource Your IT Support and Special Technology Projects


If you could drop your IT labor costs by 30-50% in one move, wouldn't you do it?

Of course you would. This is how. Outsource IT support or special IT projects (i.e., software upgrades, network expansion, computer refreshes) to a local IT company.

Outsourcing your IT support comes with a lot of benefits. You get access to a consulting firm's entire brain trust from support techs up to senior IT consultants. Not to mention, their IT procurement staff who can get you better pricing on IT equipment.

There are generally two cost models for outsourcing your IT.

  1. With Hourly IT contracts (aka T&M), you only pay for the time engineers and/or technicians work on your support tickets and projects. This model requires results. Closed tickets serve as a measure of success. Many Hourly models offer reduced rates for pre-paid hours.
  2. With an MSP model (regular fixed-rate contracts), you pay per computer/server on a monthly basis. This model has a predictable monthly expense, but can also exclude older hardware and evening/weekend support.

In our experience, the Hourly T&M model gives you the best customer service.

The MSP model works well for longer-term relationships, where outsourced IT Support acts as part (or all) of your IT department.

You can always switch between the models, as well…if you're working with a smart IT service provider.

Look for a service provider that preaches “Proactive Maintenance.” Things like Windows updates, cloud backups, network monitoring, and malware scans.

These firms want to save you money.


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