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June 10, 2020

Safeguard Your Phone from Cyber Threats with the NYC Secure App

Your phone is as much a target for cyberattacks as your laptop. Practice good Cyber Fu when browsing on your phone, and put some protection on the device. One such protection is a free app called "NYC Secure."

The more we use our phones, the more cybercriminals want to attack those same phones. In fact, phones have become one of the most-used methods for breaking into corporate networks!

The rise in phone attacks has driven cybersecurity professionals to build security apps. Here's one you can try for free: the .

NYC Secure alerts you to unsecure Wi-Fi networks, unsafe apps (Android only for now), exploitations on your phone, and other cyber threats. It doesn't collect any personal information. It works on both iOS and Android. And it's completely free.

New York City commissioned the app to protect its citizens. (They even went to an American development agency for it!) The app, however, isn't limited to New York City. You can use it anywhere in the nation.

NYC Secure acts like a watchful eye in the background, ready to sound the alarm if your phone comes across a security risk from the outside world.

Again, it's 100% free to use. Try it out for yourself at: .


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