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September 07, 2017

Keep Prying Eyes Out of Your Files with Secure Cloud Storage

Your business files need to stay private online. Using a secure cloud storage option is the best way to keep them away from cybercriminals.

Everybody uses Dropbox, right? Well, not everybody should.


We just had four Tech Tips on protecting your business’ privacy online. That includes your business’ files. Think about what you store in your files…business processes, customer account information, banking numbers. Data a cybercriminal would love to steal.

Now think about where those files are stored. On your hard drive, yes, but where else? Do you keep them in Dropbox? Then they’re also on Dropbox’s servers. These servers have already been hacked in the past. And it took a long time for that information to surface.

It makes sense to keep business files private, no matter where they are, right?

Fortunately, it only takes a few features to privatize cloud storage.

  1. Encryption. Done At-Rest (where the files live) and In-Transit (while the files upload & download).
  2. Restricting Permissions. In other words, who can see your files, and how does the system authorize them to do so.
  3. Device Tracking. You may have received an email from Dropbox or Google, saying “You’ve logged in from a new device!” Usually it’s just you, logging in again on your phone or another laptop. But this is an important security precaution…if you DIDN’T just log in, and you get a notice like these emails? Someone swiped your login credentials. Your cloud storage is compromised!

What about Dropbox/Box/Google Drive? Is it private?

Somewhat, yes. Each of these services does use some security. If you’re careful about your files, and you protect your computer otherwise, chances are you’re fine.

However, we don’t recommend using any of them for business files. They’re constant targets for hacking, and in some cases, the service provider scans through your files anyway. Not very private.

What’s a more private option for cloud storage?

The most private place to store your files in the cloud, is a cloud storage service focused on business use. Services that employ the 3 features listed above.

These five options all fit that definition. Each of them does a good job of keeping your business files away from prying eyes.

  1. OneDrive for Business—The Business offering for OneDrive includes encryption at rest, which helps make this option more secure than its consumer-grade cousin. You get 1TB of space for $5/month, or unlimited space for $10/month.
  2. Anchor—We happen to know this is secure, because we host it! All accounts include a 750GB shared space for users.
  3. iDrive—Plans range from Free to $75 per year. The business plan includes 250GB of space.
  4. Egnyte—Plans start at $8 a month per employee. This basic plan includes 5TB of space.
  5. SpiderOak—Storage plans range from 30GB to 5TB, starting at $7 per month.

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