Tech Tips

February 05, 2013

Don't Use a Netgear Router for Business Networking

Does your office use a consumer-grade wireless router (like D-Link or Netgear) in the office? You may have trouble with your connections. Read our Tech Tip for the reason why.
Do you use a home router, like Netgear or D-Link, for your office's network? There's one good reason not to: Noise.

Many home wireless routers are set to use the 2.4GHz spectrum (11 channels available) for Internet connections. Especially with older devices. However, the wireless signal can bleed over 3 channels in that spectrum - and if you're in an area with multiple wireless signals, they all bleed into one another, causing noise. The router can’t handle it – its on-board memory is only big enough for home use. It easily fills up, slowing things down. It's like a busy restaurant, where everyone's talking at once...and you can't hear the person right in front of you.

Additionally, the small processors and consumer-grade OS inside the device can have software failures or bugs. Which is why you have to reset home routers all the time!

Business-grade wireless access points can operate at a newer, cleaner 5GHz frequency range with over 20 non-overlapping channels (where 2.4GHz has 3 non-overlapping channels), lots more processing power and more on-board memory.  They also go through a more rigorous testing cycle to iron out software bugs. One Internet connection, one room in the restaurant. They maintain speed all day long...and you don't have to reset it. Much better choice for the office network.