Tech Tips

March 02, 2012

What's the Best Ratio of Employees to IT Support Professionals?

When you need to hire IT workers, what's a good average to figure on between IT employees to all employees? Is there an 'ideal ratio' for certain business sizes? Debate varies widely on an ideal number of IT workers, but there are some good "Rules of Paw" to follow.

Over the years, customers ask us how many "IT pros" they should have available to their business. Whether full-time hires, contracted support workers, or both.

The question takes many forms. You may have thought of it like,

"What's the average ratio of IT employees to all employees?"
"How many IT pros does it take to support a department? A business?"
"Is there an 'ideal ratio' of IT Worker to Employee for certain business sizes?"

There's no "universal ratio" when it comes to number of IT support team members to company employees. As such, we've seen wide variety in the end result: One IT support pro to 50 employees, 1 to 100, even 1 to 250!

Discussions among IT professionals will often peg an average at 1 support pro to 50 employees for any organization over 250 employees total. Below 250 employees, you should go down to 1 to 25.

If you're at 1 to 100 (or higher), you'll have trouble handling serious problems, like a server crash or network-wide upgrades. If you've relied on full-time IT staff up to this point, consider building a relationship with an IT consultant in your area (we operate in Silicon Valley and DFW) so they can step in & help.