PlanetMagpie News

May 25, 2018

Introducing Brant Nelson, PlanetMagpie's Newest Support Tech

PlanetMagpie is proud to welcome Brant Nelson as our newest IT Support Technician/Engineer-in-Training!

Today Brant Nelson joins us as a new IT Support Technician/Engineer-in-Training. As part of the Support team, he will perform on-site and remote IT support for customers throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Our Engineer-in-Training Program provides advanced IT Consulting training. Brant's existing IT skills will get an upgrade, adding to his value and improving America's IT workforce.

Brant came to the Bay Area from Wisconsin (Doreyne Douglas' home state). He graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater in 2010 with a B.A. in Information Technology Infrastructure. Since then he's worked at IT support firms, universities, and municipal departments in his IT career.

We like to think of Brant as a "Tracker" – an IT professional who pays close attention to day-by-day performance. He took pains to monitor IT systems at every past workplace. Like us, he believes that IT is a 24-hour necessity, and it needs equally-committed support.

(Doreyne's happy to have another Packer fan around too!)

In his spare time, Brant's a car guy. Classic cars, muscle cars, he loves them all. However, he insists that escaping the Rust Monster lurking in Wisconsin snow was only a secondary reason for moving.

Join us in welcoming Brant to the PlanetMagpie team!