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October 30, 2017

10 Years of “WOOF!” – The PlanetMagpie Newsletter’s 10th Anniversary!

Our official newsletter, "WOOF!" turns 10 this month!

Not many newsletters make it to 10 years. As of October 2017, our "WOOF!" newsletter has!

We wanted to mark this occasion with a little celebration, and a look back.

Where it All Began

This is how the first issue of WOOF! looked, back in October of 2007:

WOOF! Issue 1, October 2007

Not bad for the time, right?

It was a little basic, but it started right—bringing readers good solid IT-related content. Explaining the technical for everyone. Shining the light on how IT consulting makes businesses better.

WOOF's Successes

We sent the first WOOF! out to a little over 300 people. Since then, WOOF! has grown to reach an audience of almost 5,000!

That's with no advertising and no gimmicks. All the growth came from people just like you, who liked receiving content relevant to their business’ IT.

Through WOOF! we've brought you insights from experts at Malwarebytes. Introduced new software to the Silicon Valley business community. Even kicked off a nationwide trend of displaying "Reshore Your IT" bumper stickers!

Bumps in the Road

WOOF!, and everything about the PlanetMagpie brand, came from Magpie. Our original co-founder. The smiling black lab you see on every business card and sign.

Unfortunately, in Year 5 of WOOF!, it was Magpie's time to go. She lived a good long life—just over 12 years—and died happy at home.

Magpie Co-Founder 2012

We miss her, of course. But we carry on.

What's Coming Up for WOOF! in 2018

10 years is a milestone. But we're not stopping.

In 2018, we will continue to publish WOOF! as we have these past 10 years. Each issue will contain original, useful content.  The format may change as technology does. We may try some new material (especially if you’d like to see something different).

But WOOF! will always be "IT News You Can Use."

What do you think of WOOF? Any changes you'd like to see? We'd love your feedback!