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October 04, 2016

Introducing Andie Smith, Engineer-in-Training

Introducing Andie Smith, PlanetMagpie's newest Engineer-in-Training. Andie brings an education in Aerospace Science and Engineering and general enthusiasm to serving our customers.

PlanetMagpie welcomes Andie Smith, its newest IT Support Technician, as well as its second Engineer-in-Training.

A 2016 graduate, Andie received her BS in Aerospace Science and Engineering from UC Davis.  A former competitive swimmer, Andie’s hobbies include piano, drawing, and painting.  In college, she even ran her own IT business.  To say that Andie’s accomplished is an understatement.

A lifetime resident of the Bay Area, Andie is looking forward to learning the IT industry, meeting some great people, and showing the world what she can do.  Despite never once getting a speeding ticket, Andie Smith is incredibly driven.