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February 28, 2014

Bumper Stickers Supporting "Reshoring" Appear in Silicon Valley

In order to encourage more awareness & discussion of bringing IT jobs back to the U.S. from offshore, a Silicon Valley IT Consulting agency is distributing "Reshore Your IT" bumper stickers for free.

Local IT Consultants offering "Reshore Your IT" bumper stickers to increase awareness

The subject of offshoring is usually debated in tech blogs, Senate hearings, industrial forums and coffee shops.

Now it's showing up on Silicon Valley cars.

In an effort to improve awareness, a Fremont-based IT consulting firm is offering "Create American Jobs: Reshore Your IT" bumper stickers.

The company has been outspoken in its support of keeping IT in the U.S. for 2 years now. They released a white paper called, "The Argument for Reshoring IT" in late 2012 deconstructing the supposed 'benefits' of sending IT services, such as software development and support, offshore.

"It's very simple. Bringing IT back from overseas creates American jobs," says Doreyne Douglas, Vice President of PlanetMagpie. "Not only that, it improves our national security, helps local economies and it can even save money."

Manufacturing is Coming Home. But Are IT Services?

In the past few years, the U.S. has begun to reshore certain manufacturing operations more & more. Caterpillar is building manufacturing centers for its forklifts in Texas. Apple is moving some computer manufacturing from China to a new facility in Mesa, Arizona.

While these provide welcome new jobs, they are manufacturing jobs. IT jobs like building software and providing technical support are slower to come back to America. Do a search for "reshoring IT jobs" and you’ll find discussion online.

But how do you extend the debate offline?

Using Your Car to Start an IT Discussion?

Bumper stickers seemed like one good way to get people talking.

"If you talk to a lot of people here in Silicon Valley, you’ll find that many have strong opinions against businesses going offshore, but they don't feel comfortable expressing those opinions.” explains Doreyne. We figured a bumper sticker was an easy way to show support for reshoring and rebuilding America’s IT workforce.”

And what better place to make people aware of IT issues, than in Silicon Valley?

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