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June 10, 2020

Help Us Bring Tech Manufacturing Back to the U.S. – Share Our "Call to Reshore" PDF

America needs a big opportunity. Something to revitalize our economy and spur job growth. Bringing technology manufacturing back to the U.S. will do both. Here's everything you need to make the case. Please download & share!

Spread the message—let’s return tech manufacturing to the U.S.!

We've packaged the "Call to Reshore" content into a PDF for easy downloading & sharing. We also put in all of our sources...over 35 of them!

This will go out to President Trump, state governors, Congressional and Senate Representatives, and media personalities.

Help us out! Click the button below to download the "Call to Reshore" PDF.

Please share the PDF with friends in manufacturing, High Tech, and especially politics.

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