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October 09, 2019

Where the Biggest H-1B Abusers Reside

The organizations pumping foreign IT workers into the U.S. affect everyone in the nation. No surprise that they're spread out across the same nation. Silicon Valley may have the most visible examples of H-1B abuse—but it's not the #1 source for H-1B applications.

Where do the companies pouring foreign workers into the U.S. economy operate?

You might think Silicon Valley, but you would be wrong. combed through a big Department of Labor data set and found out where the most H-1B visa apps come from:

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The biggest H-1B abuser's home base? College Station, Texas. Why?

It's one of Cognizant's bases. Cognizant Technology Services—rampant H-1B visa gobbler. Pusher of thousands of foreign workers into Big Tech companies nationwide. They applied for 13,074 visas this year alone.

College Station's neighbor Richardson, Texas, comes up next. Home of Tech Mahindra and Infosys, kindred companies to Cognizant.

Only then, at the #3 spot, do we see Mountain View, CA. Home of Google (who according to applied for 6,656 H-1B visas in 2019 to date). Its neighbor Santa Clara appears in the Top 10 cities, where a large number of smaller tech companies reside (Nvidia, Intel, etc.).

We also see Rockville, Maryland, Chicago, Illinois, and Seattle, Washington in the cities list. Curiously, New Jersey is the #3 for H-1B visa apps, though this occurs from combining most of its major cities. New Jersey has many of the same offenders scattered within its borders: Tata, IBM, Cognizant, Infosys, and Accenture.

These big H-1B sponsors shovel people into the U.S. with no regard for the American IT worker and how it impacts their livelihoods.  Unfortunately, Senators Mike Lee and Kamala Harris don’t care either--as they actively try to make the environment even more favorable to H-1B visa holders! They currently sponsor a bill to remove per-country caps on green card recipients. See for yourself:


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