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August 14, 2019

Reshoring Success Story: Beyond Green, LLC in California

What do you do if your overseas manufacturing both goes against your mission, and causes quality issues? Reshore! That's what one small business in Southern California did, and they realized some amazing success as a result!

Today we're happy to share a "Reshoring Success" story.

Introducing Beyond GREEN, LLC. Based in Southern California, they make non-plastic, 100% compostable pet waste bags. Recently featured in an story about small businesses reshoring their manufacturing & IT processes, which is where we saw them.

I spoke with Katrina Hart, Business Development Coordinator to hear more of their story. It's not only a great story about reshoring, but a bona fide success story for an American small business.

BioDOGradable Bags

"Can you tell me in your own words what Beyond Green's goals are?"
Our mission is to reduce plastic pollution, and help restore the natural beauty of the planet. Our goal is to reduce any/all single-use plastics, by using reusable plastics made from maize. Our "BioDOGradable Bags" are the first big product.

"A few months ago, you reshored manufacturing of these bags from India to the U.S. Could you talk a little about what influenced your decision?"
We had two big reasons. One, the owners realized that to be truly sustainable, they couldn't keep manufacturing overseas and shipping product back in expensive, high-emission transport. Two, we had quality issues in the India factory. Many bags came over with splits down the sides. Unusable.

Reshoring Green Plastic Bag Production

"Since the reshoring move, how has business gone?"
Good! We've been able to fulfill orders a lot faster, as well as increase marketing. Now that we can include Made in USA, we joined Green America [an organization that connects sustainable businesses]. We even won Green America's Peoples & Planet award for our plastic alternative products.

"In general terms, could you talk a bit about the cost differences between manufacturing overseas vs. manufacturing in the U.S.?"
Obviously labor was less expensive offshore and more expensive in California. However, the cost incurred with the freight, plus the quality control issues, meant that we're actually saving money overall! We didn't really expect that, but it was a good positive out of the move.

Beyond Green LLC Southern California

"Would you recommend reshoring to other small businesses, as a cost & quality improvement?"
I would definitely recommend it. An interesting thing about working with an offshore firm was that it was almost too hard to plan ahead. We didn't have consistent ordering. There were days that we didn't have any product to send out . . . because we still waited for it from our offshore facility! Now we can create it right away.

"Where do you see the company going in the future?"
We're moving fast! Soon we'll have more types of bags out—trash bags, produce bags, anything that's single-use.

A final note: I asked if Beyond Green outsourced their IT. They do not; they have an on-site IT support team. Even better for their company, their local economy, and an investment in the U.S. IT workforce.

Dog-Friendly Business

A sustainable, fully-reshored small business saving money and making a great product. This is a success story everyone should hear about! You can find Beyond Green and their "BioDOGradable Bags" at:


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