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February 07, 2019

Connecticut Welcomes Infosys; Protesters Cry Foul

The State of Connecticut has opened a 'tech hub' in Hartford. In order to establish it, they gave $14 million in taxpayer money to a company known for H-1B visa fraud. In late January, protesters gathered to call them out.

On January 26, American IT workers in Hartford, CT protested a company famous for H-1B violations. A company their state has welcomed.

Tech Workers Protest New Hartford Tech Company for Outsourcing Jobs while Company Pledges 1K American Jobs – Fox 61

The company? Infosys. Yes, the perennial H-1B grabber/American IT worker replacer. Caught so many times gaming the H-1B visa system they embodied the practice in "Sold Out."

Infosys has stated that it will hire 1,000 Americans in the Hartford area by 2022. They claim to have hired 283 employees already, none of whom needed H-1B visas.

They didn't say they won't start bringing in foreign workers after the 1,000th hire. Or that they won't fire all 1,000 workers & replace them with foreign workers once they're not under the magnifying glass.

Even so, the State of Connecticut welcomed Infosys. Both the Governor of Connecticut and Hartford's mayor sang the praises of Infosys. They even pledged $14 million in taxpayer money to attract the company.

Their reaction to the protest? A shrug of the shoulders and dismissal of their claims. Even when the protesters brought up 100% valid points, such as the lawsuits against Infosys for discrimination against American IT workers, the officials waved it aside.

If Infosys did stick to its claims that it would hire 100% Americans for all of its Hartford, CT jobs, it would be quite a change of pace! We're not holding our breath though. Instead, we fully support the protesters in their efforts.

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