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November 07, 2018

Canada Wants Big Tech's H-1B Foreign Workers

Foreign workers caught in the H-1B quagmire are opting to leave Silicon Valley. Leaving the U.S. entirely in fact. They're heading to Canada, to take advantage of a new immigration program.

Watch out Big Tech! Canada is coming for your H-1B workers.

As Trump Clamps Down on H-1B Visas, Canada Smooths Way – The Ledger (10-9-18)

The article mentions an upcoming change to the H-1B program (still in planning stages). However, it focuses more on a trend among Indian workers who are sidestepping the whole H-1B process and moving to Canada instead.

Last year, Canada started an immigration plan they called "Global Skills Strategy" or GSS. Similar to our own H-1B program, GSS provides temporary worker visas to come work in Canada.

They've boasted about how fast they can process applications (two weeks), and how welcoming they are to foreign workers. As the U.S. tightens restrictions on H-1B spousal visas, Canada's throwing out a welcome mat for the whole family.

What does this mean for the U.S.?

It means foreign workers who want legitimate opportunities in their skill set have a new option. Competition always fuels growth. It's good to have a choice.

It also means U.S. tech companies may face a huge problem. They don't have a lock on all the cheaper, more easily-controlled foreign labor they want anymore. They might have to look to another talent pool—America’s IT workers.


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