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October 10, 2018

New York Times Comes Out in Favor of More H-1Bs, Against Trump's H-1B Restrictions

Big corporate executives don't like President Trump's actions to protect American workers. They're chafing under the current H-1B restrictions. The New York Times eagerly published an article on article that glosses completely over the American workers hurt by H-1Bs.

If there's any doubt whose side the New York Times is on, a recent article confirms it:  They're on the side of More H-1Bs and Big Tech, and against the American worker.

Companies Say Trump is Hurting Businesses by Limiting Legal Immigration – New York Times (Sept 2, 2018)

Don't let the headline fool you. Or the material. They're not talking about "legal immigration." They're talking about foreign workers on H-1B visas.

The article discusses several individuals who couldn't return to the U.S., or who have to leave for Canada, due to H-1B visa challenges. It decries the Trump administration for making the H-1B process more difficult.

However, the article doesn't discuss quite a few things.

  • It did not discuss any American workers laid off, replaced by H-1B workers, and forced to train their own replacements.
  • It ignored the plight of American STEM college graduates who can't find jobs in their field.
  • In fact, they didn't put one word about hiring American workers in the entire article!

The NYT author asserts that the only way to close the job market gaps left by retiring Baby to import even more foreign workers.

For support, they cite groups like the National Foundation for American Policy (run by an open-borders advocate) and the Business Roundtable (a group of "corporate leaders" who benefit from thousands of H-1B workers).

The entire piece smacks of corporate propaganda. Trying to push back against the Trump Administration's efforts at reforming the H-1B program, and putting American workers first in our economy.

So, New York say it's harder for companies to import foreign labor? Harder to throw out American workers in favor of cheaper foreigners you can practically enslave? Harder to skirt this country's immigration laws?



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