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April 05, 2018 Wants to Reduce H-1Bs in Favor of American Tech Workers

A nonprofit group opposed to H-1B abuse at the expense of American tech workers has posted ads around Bay Area BART stations to encourage discussion. PlanetMagpie supports such efforts, as we have for years now.

Have you seen the new BART ads from U.S. Tech Workers? 

U.S. Tech Workers Launches BART Ads (March 20, 2018)

The ads read,

Your companies think you are expensive, undeserving & expendable
Congress, fix H-1B law so companies must seek & hire U.S. workers!

The ads are paid for by Progressives for Immigration Reform (PFIR), an organization opposed to reckless H-1B immigration and displacement of American tech workers.

Fact Checking

The site leads with the statement, "Foreign workers account for about 70% of the tech workforce in Silicon Valley."

Is this true? Well, we aren’t sure of their source but last month's Reshoring News linked to a report saying foreign workers hold 57 of every 100 Silicon Valley jobs. That report was issued in November 2017.

57 isn't quite 70, but it's close…and since 2018's H-1B filing period started April 2, the number of foreign-born tech workers is only going up.

Is This a Legitimate Group?

The is a newer site; one of the PFIR's latest initiatives. But so far they've pushed hard for their objective—advocating for American tech workers.

Their blog contains:

And more.

With the website, the Progressives for Immigration Reform group seeks change on the H-1B laws as written. We fully agree; as they are now, H-1B laws benefit only a small number of big companies, exploiting foreign labor at the expense of skilled American tech workers.  America’s H1-B dependent companies include all the biggies—Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, and Google.

It will take changes in law to improve this situation. In that respect, we support the U.S. Tech Workers' efforts.


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