IT Reshoring News

April 29, 2016

1,500 Reshoring Supporters from 47 States and Counting!

Since we began sending out "Reshore Your IT" bumper stickers, we've received over 1,500 requests for them from 47 states. Many of these Reshoring supporters included kind words & messages. We've collected several such messages here for everyone to appreciate.

A few years ago, PlanetMagpie published “The Argument for Reshoring American IT,” a white paper that outlined the drawbacks and dangers of IT offshoring, as well as the economic and security benefits of bringing it home.

To help Americans show their support for reshoring, PlanetMagpie came up with the “reshore your IT” bumper sticker.


Since then, we have mailed bumper stickers to over 1,500 people across 47 states. Many of these reshoring supporters include messages with their sticker requests. We learn a lot from these messages, including locations, personal experiences, and enthusiastic support for reshoring.

Here's a list of comments we’ve received. They're divided into five categories for your reference.

Supporters who are IT Professionals

"Just lost over half of my sys admin team due to outsourcing." —W. from Cumming, GA

"Pssst, I work in technology. Keep up the fight!" —K. from Rochester, NY

"I work as part of a three-man IT department and we shouldn't be transferred through three continents of phone support before getting through to someone who can actually help us." —M. from Sunbury, PA

"I need a new IT job. Bring them back." —A. from Stockton, CA

"I'm a SEO consultant and I am tired of losing jobs to other countries that do it cheaper and WRONG." —M. from Lowell, IN

"As a young IT person, I would love to slap this on my car!" —S. from Las Vegas, NV

"I work in a big IT department for the Madison schools. If you'd like to send me a bunch, I'll give one to everyone in our department." —S. from Fitchburg, WI

"I work in IT, and outsourcing’s a problem me and my IT friends talk about often." —K. from Addis, LA

"I work in IT and I support your initiative. I will proudly affix your bumper sticker to my truck." —D. from Brandon, FL

"As an American software tester, this is perfect for me!" —B. from Gray, MA

"I work in IT and I wholeheartedly support your message." —B. from Cedar Park, TX

"As an American IT technician, I support the cause and want to show it!  Send me up to 10 and all our employees will display them proudly." —B. from Fife, WA

"As an IT worker, I'd love more options here in the states." —C. from Staunton, VA

"I am an IT Director in the industry for 25 years and deeply appreciate and respect your mission!" —L. from Saraland, AL

"As a Software Engineer I love this.  I was happy when our company closed our offshore development location recently." —J. from Gaines, MI

"As an IT professional with over 20 years in the industry, I’m saddened by the events recently with our IT colleagues. I'd love to put one of your stickers on my vehicle to show my support!" —C. from Belgrade, MT

Victims of Offshoring

"As a victim of having my job outsourced to another country back in 2009, I would love to parade this sticker around on my car!" —V. from Easton, PA

"I am an American that is struggling to find an IT job in America due to outsourcing and due to my disability." —J. from Findlay, OH

"As I watch many of my co-workers’ positions being removed and their jobs sent overseas, I would proudly display this bumper sticker." —F. from Shirley, NY

"I have a brother who lost his IT job because of outsourcing. I would be very proud to put one of your bumper stickers on my car." —C. from Fredericktown, OH

"As an unemployed IT worker, this sticker speaks loudly." —D. from Seymour, IN

"I'm an aspiring developer living in the states and it's getting increasingly difficult to find a job because of all the outsourcing. I'd love a bumper sticker to support the cause." —V. from Oak Park, CA

Supporters with Family Members in IT

"I would love a "reshore your IT" bumper sticker!  My son is about to graduate from an IT high school." —A. from Groton, CT

"I love the sticker!  My boyfriend is an IT guy, so I totally get it so could you send us two stickers, one for each of our cars." —A. from Reno, NV

"My husband works in IT and we would love this bumper sticker!  Thank you!" —R. from Chandler, AZ

"My boyfriend works in IT and I was hoping you'd send him your bumper sticker.  Thank you!" —E. from Brookline, MA

"My father is in IT and I know he would love these stickers!" —A. from Corona, CA

"I have a son who works in IT support and I would love your bumper sticker to show the world that IT jobs should be reshored.  I can't wait to display it with pride!" —A. from Thornton, IL

"My brother was affected by HB-1 visas. Would love to post a sticker on the truck." —A. from Salem, OR

Supporters who are College Students

"I am graduating as an IT professional and want to help spread the word of hiring more American IT workers." —Y. from Doylestown, PA

"I am a freshman at Loyola University MD and am in ROTC and would love to spread the word." —D. from Baltimore, MD

"I'm working toward getting my B.S. in IT and would love to proudly support this cause!" —D. from Overland Park, KS

"As a guy who is studying computer science and math and plans on going into IT, I would love this sticker!" —D. from Highland, MI

Supporters of IT Reshoring

"I will proudly display this on my wheelchair." —R. from Wichita, KS

"Been sayin’ it for 30 years:  buy American." —D. from Auburn, MI

"I come from several generations of union members, stewards, etc.  I can remember my father stating, 'You guys are going to have to fight to keep American jobs in America.  It is going to be bad!'" —V. from Independence, MO

"It's about time we get our country back and take care of our own people, again.  I have been noticing more and more products in the last 3 months stating "Made in USA"!  I would love to display this sticker on my car!" —K. from Riverside, CA

"May I please have one of your bumper stickers to help bring off shore jobs back home where they belong?  Thank you, you are doing a great service for our country." —J. from Lake City, FL

"Awesome idea!  Been saying it for years!  Proud supporter!" —A. from Walnutport, PA

"My husband is a union worker and we need more jobs in America and more people to purchase American made products.  It's OUR country, so why not save it?" —S. from Smithfield, WV

"I'd love to get one of your bumper stickers!  I'm saving prime real estate on my beloved beer fridge for this puppy." —G. in Cumming, GA

"I ran across this on Reddit and I think it is the best bumper sticker I have ever seen!" —C. from Tybee Island, GA

"Let’s bring the jobs home." —M. from Randolph Center, VT

"Love it!  I started two companies and made it a point to only work with US suppliers." —W. from Detroit, MI

"Thank you so very much for your hard work toward the ‘bring white collar jobs back to America’ initiative.  I would very much like a sticker to assist in supporting your efforts." —T. from Monroe, LA

"I would love to receive one of your free bumper stickers. What a great idea and very happy to know it was made in America!" —D. from Kinnelon, NJ

"It's about time someone made this bumper sticker!  Great job!  If you would please send me one, I would GLADLY put it on my truck!" —S. from Valley, AL

"I am requesting as many bumper stickers as you can supply me with. I have been trying to convince my managers at GE that the IT dept. in India costs us FAR more in the loss of data, security and productivity then they are saving by using them." —Anon

"I would LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE several stickers for all of my vehicles. I know for certain this is a serious issue for a lot of my friends, as we are all tech folk." —J. from Beaverton, OR

"This is the first cause I'd be willing to sport a bumper sticker for." —R. from Raleigh, NC

"Thank you for your commitment to keeping jobs here, and not being afraid of calling out the big guys who outsource for their own advantage." —J. from Nazareth, PA

"I'm doing IT in the Navy and I do believe in reshoring our IT back to America, and would like to request a sticker." —K. from Norfolk, VA



It’s encouraging for us to hear from our reshoring supporters. We hope it’s encouraging for you, too!