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April 06, 2015

Southern California Edison Lays off Workers, Replaces Them with H1Bs

Southern California Edison is laying off 400 IT workers and replacing them with H1Bs. It's so egregious a betrayal it caught Senator Jeff Session's notice...but will it help the U.S. tossed out the door?
Wish we had more good news for you on the Reshoring front. Alas, more bad news. Southern California Edison, a major power utility company in Southern California, is laying off 400 workers.

And replacing them with H1B guest workers from India.

Southern California Edison IT Workers 'Beyond Furious' Over H-1B Replacements - ComputerWorld

Many of the laid-off employees work in the utility’s IT department. Adding insult to injury, some of them are expected to train their “replacements”!

Naturally, the displaced IT employees are angry. They should be! Their employer is casting them aside.

SoCal Edison’s comments talk about "in-depth reviews of prospective vendors' operations," and says the change "will lead to enhancements that deliver faster and more efficient tools and applications for services that customers rely on."

Meanwhile, one Edison IT employee comments: "The H-1B program 'was supposed to be for projects and jobs that American workers could not fill. But we're doing our job. It's not like they are bringing in these guys for new positions that nobody can fill.'"

This instance of overseas outsourcing is a little different, though—it got the U.S. Senate’s attention. Senator Jeff Session (R-AL) laments SoCal Edison’s behavior, and criticized the President’s support for letting even more H1Bs come to the U.S.

Let us all hope that his words, and the words of hundreds of displaced U.S. workers in Southern California, continue to be heard.