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November 17, 2014

GoDaddy and Danica Patrick Encouraging Young Women to Get into STEM

NASCAR driver Danica Patrick has added a #STEM hashtag to her car, in support of young women entering the STEM fields. Her sponsor, GoDaddy, wants to see more young women in tech. So do we.
The more young people encouraged toward the STEM fields, the happier we are. It’s a challenging field, full of potential. Now Danica Patrick is joining the ranks!

The famous NASCAR driver has, since late last month, begun driving her car with a huge #STEM decal across its rear panel.
NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick Gives STEM a Boost – US News

The hashtag is meant to encourage young women to get involved in STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

Danica wants to see more young women going into coding, programming, building, etc. We do too!

Danica’s sponsor, GoDaddy, is just one company who will benefit greatly from more women in tech. Which is why they put the #STEM hashtag on Danica's car, and are campaigning alongside her. They both see tremendous need for more good STEM professionals, especially women – by 2020, the Department of Labor estimates that we'll have 1.4 MILLION computer specialist job openings to fill!

The article concludes by pointing out all the STEM principles involved in NASCAR’s racing – aerodynamics, drag, etc. It's a great example of how crucial STEM is to our economy and our society.

Follow the #STEM hashtag on Twitter to join the conversation. Help us encourage more young people into the STEM fields!