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March 23, 2014

Is the Tech Industry a Government Scapegoat...or Causing New Problems as it Solves Old Ones?

PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel says the government is hampering innovation by shackling tech companies. But some of those tech companies may be contributing to the innovation problem another way...
Peter Thiel says the government is the problem.

The PayPal co-founder is pushing for fewer shackles on the tech industry and more efficient government. He calls the tech industry “an easy scapegoat” and claims it suffers from far too many regulations:
Nation's problems aren't tech's fault, Peter Thiel says – SF Gate

While we agree that government plays a big role in stifling industries like tech – excessive regulation, extreme inefficiencies – we should all consider the source.

Thiel said this at a fundraiser for FWD.US last month. FWD.US…the organization whose goal it is to increase immigration of H1B tech workers.

We've talked about FWD.US here in the past. Tech giants trying to bring more H1B guest workers in to fill tech jobs. Imagine if FWD.US put as much time and money into recruiting and training a U.S. IT workforce as they do into lobbying for more H1Bs.

Thiel's remarks are apparently geared toward exacerbating this problem. Even though his statements appear to advocate a freer, healthier tech industry.

Technology is not a scapegoat, but neither is it a sacred cow. (And we’re saying this AS a tech company.) The tech industry needs the freedom to innovate, as well as the good sense to solve its own problems without making the economy worse!