IT Reshoring News

February 24, 2014

Reshoring Awareness Shows Up at the Super Bowl

You know a trend has reached common awareness when it shows up at the Super Bowl. The Made in USA Challenge site collected examples of Reshoring from this year's Super Bowl advertising.
The shift toward reshoring – manufacturing and services for American businesses, done BY American businesses – keeps gaining traction.

It showed up last week in the public awareness, in a big way. At the Super Bowl.

The Made in USA Challenge website posted an article last week titled, "Made in America at the Super Bowl." In it they highlighted several halftime commercials for American business, and mentioned the football products which were made in the U.S.

The Weather Tech commercial even poked fun at offshoring. It showed “experts” all saying the same thing if someone wanted to build and produce in America – “You can’t do that!”

Sure you can. And Weather Tech, like the other advertisers and Super Bowl suppliers, did exactly that.

(Watch the Weather Tech commercial on YouTube.)

From the article: "These highlights put the Made in USA message directly in the public eye, helping fuel the movement further." We agree.

Though we advocate for the IT services side of Reshoring (bringing security-critical jobs like programming and hardware manufacturing back to the U.S.) industrial manufacturing is also critical for our economy. So we applaud the companies like Weather Tech, and the Made in USA Challenge site, for their continued efforts to bring business back to America.