IT Reshoring News

December 03, 2013

Reshoring In Action: Apple to Build a Manufacturing Plant in Mesa, Arizona

Apple is following through on statements made last year to reshore some manufacturing operations. Mesa, AZ will be home to 700 permanent manufacturing workers for Apple products at a new facility.
Late last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook talked about moving Apple’s manufacturing (or at least some of it) back to the U.S.

This month, Apple confirmed they’re doing exactly that.

They bought a facility in Mesa, Arizona (site of the former First Solar plant). The new site will make components for future Apple products.

The manufacturing facility will employ 700 permanent workers, along with 1,300 construction workers to build out the facility’s redesign. To implement renewable energy systems, Apple also announced they would power the Mesa location on 100 percent renewable energy.

Arizona state and local government officials were very pleased by Apple’s decision. Mesa Mayor Scott Smith said that Apple had received no incentives to come to Mesa, but that he was obviously excited and hoped Apple’s move would encourage other technology companies to relocate to the area.

A major tech company actively reshoring operations. (And a manufacturing process, no less.) This is an important sign for the U.S. economy – Reshoring is starting to make business sense.

Apple’s Mesa Facility to Create 2,000 Jobs – Phoenix Business Journal